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North West Belfast has experienced significant economic deprivation, low levels of employment and also the challenges of divided communities.  Belfast City Council wanted to bring opportunity, enterprise and high quality jobs to the area through the digital and tech focused Innovation Factory.

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The purpose:

We were appointed to support the design of the building and developing its sustainable operating model. Core to Innovation Factory’s offer is business advice and support to centre customers, outreach programmes raising awareness of enterprise to local people, including schoolchildren and stimulation of local high value employment opportunities. Innovation Factory also has a placemaking role, acting as a stimulus for future developments to support innovation in this part of the city.

The impact:

Six years on, Innovation Factory is realising its goals as a catalyst of enterprise in the area. It has attracted and supported growing companies in the area, providing innovation and growth outreach events and involving a diverse range of people in enterprise workshops and training programmes.
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One comment from a local business leader, highlights one of the most significant contributions:

“The Innovation Factory has changed the character of this part of Belfast. I can now see my children choosing to live and work here which I would not have said before.” 

The Centre is also now financially sustainable and achieving its goals as the stimulus of local employment and encouragement of enterprise.

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Covid-19 Statement

Update – 11 August 2022

Our Innovation Centres remain operational and accessible, and provide a safe environment for our staff and customers. We continue to assess the risk of COVID-19 alongside the latest guidance from government. In the meantime our Innovation Centre remains COVID-19 Secure and fully open for business. Our detailed risk assessment can be found here.